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Based in Retreat, Cape Town, the Douglas Murray Home for the Aged was borne from a vision of Mrs Beatrice Kester, who in 1961, noticed an elderly woman bare foot on the streets trying to survive.

There is a significant shortage of safe, dignified care for individuals from under-served communities and Mrs Kester wanted to ensure that people who had worked hard their entire lives could enjoy their last moments in a space filled with respect, compassion and dignity.

Board&Lodging Cost: R 6000 Inclusive of older persons social grant.


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Extend your hand.
Adopt an Elder.

The frail elderly that Douglas Murray Home serves come from under-resourced communities. They raised our children, shaped our community, and built our future. In their final years, your assistance provides dignified and compassionate care, and a safe space for them to rest.

Every month, residents pay R6000 towards costs. However, there is a shortfall of R1,000 per resident that Douglas Murray Home needs to fundraise to cover.

When you adopt an elder you commit to R1,000 per month.

In exchange, you are able to visit the home once a month and form a special relationship with your adopted elder. And every Christmas your elder will send you a personalised Christmas card.

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What we do

Our Care and Services

specialised frail care

Specialised Frail Care

We offer frail care to the aged who are not capable of caring for themselves mentally or physically, on a 24/7 basis

medicine management

Medicine Management

We managed medicines in accordance with the medical officer’s prescribed requirements and protocols.


Physiotherapy is offered to improve strength, balance, pain levels and more (in partnership with UCT and UWC)

Nutritional Food

We offer a healthy diet for the aged in our care in association with the Nutritional Manager of the Western Government
24/7 clinical care

24/7 Clinical Care

We offer medical and clinical care on site, and referrals to primary health care, regional and tertiary institutions
specialised frail care


Ongoing social interactions through the day result in better mental health and physical health

Our Values

Respect, Compassion and Dignity.

Community Living in Their Final Years