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About our

About Us

“It’s a privilege to look after
God’s people in their twilight years”

Over 50 years of providing care
for the elderly who
need it most!

Douglas Murray Home for the Aged (registered as the Wynberg Society for the Aged – NPO 003/170) is first and foremost exactly that, a home. Our home is unique for having long serving staff members, some have worked for over 20 years.

At any given time, we have between 70 and 80 residents who are in need of frail care. Our residents come from the extended Retreat community and Cape Town, from families with limited resources.

It is a deep privilege for our staff to support these deserving individuals. We work hard to ensure their final years are filled with respect, openness, compassion, dignity and trust.

Our History

The vision for Douglas Murray Home for the Aged was born when Mrs Beatrice Kester noticed an elderly women bare foot on the streets trying to survive and founded the Wynberg Society for the Aged.

In 1961, Mrs Eleanor Murray became the first donor with the specific aim of working for the welfare and upliftment of the Aged in the Retreat/Surrounding areas. The Wynberg Society for the Aged immediately embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise funds to build a suitable old age facility in the local community.

This goal was finally realised in 1968 when funding was received from the estate of the late Mr. Douglas George Murray, founding member of Murray and Stewart Construction Company, who had bequeathed some money in his will specifically for the benefit of the local Aged on the Cape Flats.

The Douglas Murray Home for the Aged was eventually established on 30 August 1969, providing residential and frail care to approximately 80 elderly and frail residents on a 24/7 basis.

Our Goal

The vision for Douglas Murray Home is to maintain a sustainable place of safety and residence for the Aged where care is delivered by trained staff and characterised by quality and affordability, with compassion, respect and dignity for all.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide care for the frail and aged in association with organisations and individuals in the

Who are we

Meet Our Senior Team

Theodore Gabriels,
Managing Director
(2 years)

Jacqueline Jaftha,
Financial Manager
(15 years)

Sister Alexander,
Nursing Manager
(30 years)

Colleen Sampson,
Fundraising Coordinator
(3 months)

Deon de Klerk,
Maintenance Manager
(5 years)

a Volunteer

Join our team of passionate and dedicated people

Our Values

Respect, Compassion and Dignity.

Community Living in Their Final Years